Saturday, October 08, 2011

When I made (with a fair bit of help) Musica Surfica back in 2007 I reconnected with Maurice Cole, relatively fresh back to Victoria after years of wild success and some adventure in France and Western Australia.

I'd known him pretty well since about 1972 but we've now become great friends and to watch the guy go through a day, attack life so hard, and keep coming up with a positive spin on even the blackest of news is a source of wonder.

This past week I've been putting together another Tale from the Chook Shed, this time around a more detailed explanation of the why and how of his boards.

Full of passion and a deep surfing knowledge, the separator for MC is that at 57, he can back it up in the water. Every surf is R&D, the results speak for themselves as he flies through sections, with those beady blue eyes always on the look out for the next poor soul who "thought he wouldn't make it".


Rick said...

man I'd love to try one of those designed for our chest to overhead points. our waves are not heavy like Bells but sometimes can be really fast with long sections. these sound like a great solution. getting one of these in Halifax is another story all together. great job Mick. I look forward to more stuff like this. so few are sharing design theory.

Ramsnake said...

Being a mat rider, that was most interesting as getting back on a board feels like I am riding a cart horse in comparison speed wise. One of those Big Boy Metros might just get me back on a board again a little more often! Hum!

Burnsie said...

Got one of these in for ding repair recently. they are like no other board. I'd love to give one a go.