Friday, October 07, 2011

Parenthood, whatever your age, is not an easy gig.

Being a teenager, and sixteen at that, can be a much darker place, when what it should be is full of hope and discovery.

Scribbled after a drive back from wherever, being tired brings things out as you sit and watch miles fly by.

Good, bad or indifferent, it's for every kid out there who is doing it hard, with a personal bias to one in particular who I love so very much.

The Dark, the Light, the Joy.

When will you see the sun,
my son
When will you see the day?
When will you see the light,
my son
And come back, my shining boy?
The dark is not your place
my son.
The night is not your home.
When will you see the sun,
my son
and fill your life with joy?


Nathan Oldfield said...

I hear your father's heart mate.

fstopr said...

You are right on the money Mick,thanks for sharing.

My 19 yr old son is back with me (and my new partner)after almost 5 years (my choice to leave) and my 2 yr old son is with me 42% of the time.

I think our children's darkness is partly theirs and partly ours, their reality, our perception, and the whole mutual navigating the teenage wasteland thing and negotiating a changed world that you or I never had at the same age.

Stick with it, I know you will.