Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A late update on the weekend past, sporadically wave filled and otherwise a recovery from a fair bit of travel.

Using a work related visit to near the waves I managed to slyly slide into a few blue walls on Friday, and repeated the same on Saturday as the empty house beckoned me to abandon it to wintry wind that spelt offshore and groomed on a not so distant shore.

I've been back on the six two lately and trying out some new C-drive fins that I must say are really worth the effort to get used to. Oddly shaped but with great logic behind them, these things are truly the duck's nuts, and I am managing, when the cold doesn't cause the old waist down gone wandering, to pull some of the best turns I have done in many a long year. They may be down at lowers and sans witness, but my feet are telling me magic is happening, and the sight and sound of that sheet of water disappearing off the top or in a cutback tells me some happy tales.

MC has been converted to them through Ross Clarke-Jones, who is using them on his tow boards and is utterly sold.

Continuing the ad filled direction of this post, I've included HERE the why of my trip near the coast, to present what I'm calling the first of my MiniDocs. Little stories about passionate people doing their thing.

I tried to put it up as a video but because of the damned cropping that happens if you want to take a look just click the link.

Shots today: Winki and Bells over the weekend. Not that big, but a whole lot of fun and surprisingly uncrowded, though there was a wait between sets.


Ramsnake said...

My God those bicycles are works of art are they not, and super functional too of course!

Jamie Watson said...

I always love your shots of Winki and Bells.

Lester Miller said...
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Mick said...

Lester, thanks for the comment re the C-drives. Sorry about the delete of it, accidental and can't seem to get it back. Anyway, could you get in touch via the gmail, I'd like to have a chat.
Cheers mate.