Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Following on the back of the last post I had the good fortune to receive some shots in the mail from local surf camera wiz Steve Ryan.

Occasionally he points his lens my way, which is generous given the surplus of talent flying by. Judicious editing allows me a couple of shots that show some form, shots that disguise my shortcomings in technique, style, flexibility and physique. I'd say age is a terrible thing but truth be known I looked much the same, albeit a bit skinnier, 30 years ago.

Tempus fugit, as they say.

If you are a regular in the area and Steve is to be seen with his big white lens pointed your way, say hello. You may have a wall hanger waiting.

Tomorrow off to Queensland for a couple of days to see my dear old Dad.

Can't wait.

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ras said...

nice ones Mick. you are always humble. just think of it this way. most guys your age are quitting surfing or taking up riding strictly a longboard. you're charging good waves on performance shortboards and getting the shots! shoots man. you're the person I aspire to be when my little Moe is a hell raising teen ager.