Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You'd think after 40 years I'd have made a board for myself at least once, but alas. Noop.

I've helped out on a couple, in a minor way, and in my grommity (both young and aged) hanging round the surfshop days I've certainly watched more than few take shape.

Circumstance and space have been my shackles, but the advent of wood is good, and I wanted to make real a promise to myself.

Over the last couple of days though I've been working on my first alaia. Summer holidays on the coast are coming up and a chance to play meant now was the time. Last week I picked up two paulownia blanks. Over the weekend I hit the computer, worked up a few templates and printed a likely suspect out for number one.

I opted wide, fine and four feet long, my rationale being I have room to shave off some width if necessary, and a paipo-ish first cap off the rank. The soft fish shape was partially ergonomic, with some nice soft curves to rest my guts on and an extended rail line because it looks nice. Bottom line is a concave running into a rounded top third. It is still to be finished and made good though it's pretty symmetrical for a first go. I was surprised how much fun it is.

Kinda like artful exercise.

Tom Wegener has given me the good oil on the right oil, so next time you see it it should be quite pretty. Now to think on a name.

Tools were a spoke shave, block plane, saw, and surform.

How it rides remains to be seen but so far I think number two will be twice as much fun.. since it's pretty much twice as big.

I'm already imagining myself striding manfully across the beach with my little piece of wood.


Alan_M said...

alright Mick! Shape on....

Eef said...

looks like a great board Mick! Dig the concave! Did you try it yet??


Little Bro said...

You working with wood? Father would be proud. Heck, I'm impressed you even know the names of the tools!!

Dan said...

good luck with the board mate, i was all set to have a go myself a few months back but unfortunatly i ran into a little financial trouble. can't wait to see how it works out.

Fab said...

be ready to go real fast in a straight line...Tung oil seems to be pretty good and not as smelly as linseed, but what do i know?

Mundo Reves said...

wow, killer outline, nice concave. we need board testing results, stat. how does she ride???

pushingtide said...

Fun, ain't it!!??

Mr_Wolly said...

awesum result..

well done..fuh yeah..full on



Anonymous said...

Wow, my dad would be proud of you. Great job Mick.