Monday, November 09, 2009

It's been a sunny day in Victoria. Really sunny.

It will continue like that for the week.

Mid thirties for five days straight forecast and it's not even summer.

There will be small fun waves and most of us will be stuck in hot offices.
Yesterday I wasn't, so we hit it to the coast, checking a raft of breaks, with one not quite as good as the last and always some excuse not to paddle out. It was one of those lovely, hot, offshore days where every where we went wasn't quite good enough.

When we finally made a decision, based on years of experience , of.... "well when the tide turns that bank will fill, the gutter will get deep enough and it'll be epic..."

Well yaa poo sucks to us as it just got worse and worse.

Dropping swell, rising tide, and for me the malaise of hitting the fitness type exercise so much the day before I had bugger all left in my tank and could have been drowned by a high diving mosquito.
I chose a right that showed promise, which promptly filled up and become riddled with rip. Two waves.

Paddled over to the left nearby. Rip followed me and the left turned to rubbish. One close out.

Paddled in and walked up the beach. Flat right got flatter.

We should've paddled out at the first place we checked. In comparison it was going off.
Next time, drive up, don't look and paddle out. The pics are the crowded crap we walked away from..


Eef said...

good thing your writing is alway epic!


tom said...

should have been there yester.. eur... 2 hours before :)