Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A very belated reminder to all of you who read this from Brazil or are likely to be there over the very special six days in January (20 - 26), please go to Jair Bortoleto's wonderful Santos Surf Art Festival.

Jair has rare passion and judging too from his emails you couldn't find a nicer, more caring man.
A photographer, shaper and perhaps an artist of life, Jair has the generosity of spirit and the energy to make other people's work a passion too.

Visit the Santos blog, and you'll read interviews from surfer artists of all persuasions, some famous, some you may not know but should.
You can even read my ramblings.

And me?
Last post before New York.

Wish me luck, if you see me there, say hello, and if you are a film buyer type, grab me by the arm and make us an offer. The pic is an offering of mine from my 2004 Telos/Nias?Hinako trip.

I just love the smile.


Santos SurfArt said...

Thanks for the kind words.
Means a lot to me,
Lots of love for you and your family,

Kirk said...

just heard you've done very well in the Festival- congratulations and it's much deserved. My mates in NYC were well impressed