Monday, August 11, 2008

Well if I thought it was cold last time I had a splash the Abominable Ice Chicken came home to roost yesterday as I ventured out at Bells with an air temp of around 5C and wind chill that would have pushed it close to ZERO.

Now I know some of you Canadian or UK surfers would go "ya bloody softy", but with holes in your booties and a two year old 4/3 wetty, it was enough to restrict me to just under three hours and a cry of "my legs, ah can't feel mah legs!" by the time I exited stage left.

On top of that as the first surf in three weeks, with a bung leg, my contribution to the action in the water was even more lackluster than normal, and that's saying something. The visual highlight from me may have been the limping crab walk as I staggered up the beach, .... and I've decided, despite the warmth, I hate hoods, at least at the moment. No doubt my view will change by the next surf as blinkered or not it's better than an ice cream headache and chill blains on the ears.

Pics today are of said freezing Bells, and a view across to Winki, which I have to admit, may have been a better option if the view from the carpark was any indication.

Hopefully soon I'll manage a surf somewhere different. I'm getting deja vu a bit, looking at these snaps.


clayfin said...

New 4/3, new booties, long sleeve fleecy rashguard with built in hood and you're good to go!

Anonymous said...

chillblains on the ears? that sounds nasty

seamouse said...

Ah the ol' seatramp look. It's a classic.