Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sorry all for not posting.

The waves have been either crappy when I can go, or it's been 'politically incorrect' to disappear for the day, and to top it off running across the road to get out of the way of an approaching car the other day I tore a muscle in my leg and had to hobble back to the office, even being passed by an old lady as I limped along.

It's getting better and hopefully I'll be able to surf on it in time for the what looks to be fun weekend.

Some good things going on now though. The Musica Surfica DVD is finished, finally, with the menus working, voice overs in place and now we're just finalising music for the soundtrack CD.

There's even an outside chance I'll be heading to New York next month to attend the New York Surf Film Festival. If so I hope to pop in for a few days on the West Coast to try and get it into the appropriate shops and perhaps get some waves. Couches gratefully accepted if anyone has one as the budget will be a bit tight I suspect.

Some lucky soul might even be lucky enough to see me flail down a wave... swell permitting. The last time I was over there I had a splash at Malibu and even got a pass into The Ranch. (My mate Brian was a pal of Glen Kennedy's, and we all went for a little expedition one day and got nice Drakes to ourselves. )

Which reminds me of a story.

A couple of years back I was working with a copywriter who hailed from LA in an earlier life.
Not a surfer but we got talking about family and stuff one day. He mentioned the family inheritance that had been sold off years before. The money was almost all gone now and there was an 'if only' element to his musings.

It turns out his Mum was a Hollister, and for a brief period in his childhood he was a co-owner of ... you guessed it, that Holy of Holies Wave Haven just north of Santa Barbara.

I nearly choked on my butternut snap biscuit when he told me that.

Pic for today is from my mate Rod. He is deep in production of his Latest Calendar, this years edition being a digression from many on the Great Ocean Road. This time it is on the Surfers Coast, and the cover is our dear Bells looking quite tasty and a tad busy, but tempting nevertheless.


Niegà said...

Hey Mick, if i didn't know you are happily married i would have thought that those sophisticated east coast women have smthing to do with your going to NY when you didn't come to Europe for the Surfilm Festibal... ;-)
Hope you have a great time and i hope you don't mind this:



Niegà said...

Glad you liked it.


ras said...

Mick you should take a detour to Nova Scotia while you're in the North East. Man I'd love to come down to NYC for the film fest. Not sure how I could pull it off though.

tres_arboles said...

Glad to see a new post; please take care of that leg or the travelling will get annoying. If you ever get out to Seattle, we've got your back.


pushingtide said...

Oh that fool with a Mum from Hollister.

Money goes, waves stay.

Patch said...

Give me a holler for a surf Mick.

I was also fortunate enough to surf epic Govies, if we get a surf in I'll tell you all about it.

Jamie Watson said...

Hi Mick, we have a spare room for you anytime, if you happen to come up to NorCal, though you'd probably just hit southern Cal and who can blame you. We're a 30 min. drive to Half Moon Bay and a 45 min drive to Santa Cruz. Take care, I hope you get to go on your trip and I'm glad your film is nearly done!

TONYA said...


If you do go over to NYC, you had better find some time inbetween waves to have a beverage or 2 with me. It was so good to see you last night. Hugs.