Sunday, April 20, 2008

A week and a half since the last entry.

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

That feels better. Nothing like a bit of self flagellation to set the tone for a bit of banter. Sorry for the gap folks... and Dad. Just been a bit preoccupied.

Over the last couple of weeks, at least, I've been trying to get the extras done for the film, and make a buck. We've edited all the bits we want to put in, like Finned and Finless so that the waves that hit the cutting room floor through no fault of their own might see the light of day. As well, we've done a little feature section on Warren Pfeiffer on his mat, because everyone that sees it loves it. I thinks it might be the intriguing simplicity of the form.

Also, an extra music section to show want went down when Richard Tognetti arced up on his violectra... sort of Hendrix meets Paganini. A great fun piece.

And for the shaping boffins we've got a bit of the mid event reshaping as some new ideas, and interesting glassing techniques, were employed to advance the finless cause. On the spot R&D if you like.

With all of these I'm doing a voice over, to give some background on who, what, where and why with the spanner in the works being time.

Like the other day I'm halfway through recording one... I'm doing them quietly by myself at home (no stage nerves there) and in bursts the number one son.

"Hey Dad, whatcha doing'? Why are you talking to yourself?"

I suppose I could have said its what you do when you're old, but I was too busy swearing.

Anyway I hope to finish all that this week. I hope.

The end of next week, ie: the beginning of May, I'm off to the Banyaks for a short surf trip.

For practice, as if I needed an excuse, Joey and I headed down for a Father/Son surf today.
We scored a lovely little left/right peak, mostly by ourselves, only about three feet, but great fun, and he filmed the end of one on the phone when he came in.

Terrible quality, and the picture isn't that flash either, but with two to four guys out, it was a great little session.


NiegĂ  said...

Cool ride!! Btw, on Friday i found out that Musica Surfica will be screened during the Surfilm Festibal here in Donosti. I'm really looking fw to watch it on a real screen. as soon as i do i'll review it here:


Alan_M said...

Nice one Mick!
As one of the fevered few having seen MS, as you know, I was inspired... check out my finless concept:
Have a good surf holiday!

clayfin said...

Mick, is that you throwing backside buckets?

ras said...

hey Mick that first turn was "sick"

DC said...

Just discovered your blog, following a friend's recommendation and must I say ... amazing!

Looking forward for the opportunity to see MS.