Saturday, March 22, 2008

A belated heading off down the coast ahead this morning. Friday's Easter traffic held no allure and the swell, though up, was affected by on-shores, plus I couldn't be stuffed.

So today, me and the two boys (excuse the grammar, but it is the case as I'm practically dragging Tom) are heading down without Mum (she wants us out of her hair) to the Deeper South, hopefully some waves, with the odd stop at skateparks (to pacify Tom). I'm struggling to reconnect him to the water, his love of concrete pretty intense at the moment.

I'd been thinking about what it is we love about our passions, and somehow, in the middle of the night, 'affectionate water' appeared in my head.

I tried to keep it there for the morning and the, oh god not another one, Poem Idea popped up.
So here folks, is my instinctive, flawed stab at....

Affectionate Water

Long horizon, distantly spread
before slow lifting lines
that lope towards me. A thread
leading long, strong and fine

To a foreign storm, cracking
Silently, lives away.
This salted wall, it’s gift, stacking
high as a breeze lifts

Lace from its face. I rise
to glide down the wind dappled
skin of The Wave, my eyes
searching for that curve graced

to send me on that slow
swift flight of joy and wanting,
lifting me to greet the throw
of the wave’s arc sculpting

this finest of curves, it’s caress
along chest arm and finger
the loving, threatening touch
of my blessed, affectionate, water.

The frame grab, though I've shown it before, is Heath Joske on an alaia from Musica Surfica.
It is appropriate as it will feature in the next trailer of the film, coming very soon, and is pretty much my favourite image from the film.


Doc said...

It's still Friday here...F*^#!

Doc said...

And there's no waves...

tres_arboles said...

Poetry. Only the brave try it and few survive! Good on you. I have to stick to my own stilted, yet breezy prose, and am yet barely managing!


nm said...

Been so busy lately....haven't been keeping up on the rounds.

I've always felt.....that if you feel your attempt at prose expresses what you're feeling....who cares if anyone else gets it?

I think it's a lovely poem. a water loving/needing person....I found quite a bit of meaning in your choice of words.

Rick said...

Mick - seems like I've missed your work lately. the poem is great - I dig the rhythim.