Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Again, I feel like a man with one less arm.

This time because there are moments when you just wish you had that camera.

Since we shot Musica Surfica, one of the rituals that has developed is a concert tour Monday morning surf run with Richard Tognetti, Satu, and Julian Thompson, who was also down on King Island with us.

Dutifully, we trotted off and we were greeted by some lovely 3-4ft beachies at 13th, and everyone scored, amidst the frenzy of shifting peak barrels and a lot of fellow wave hunters. The joy of the shifty peak, naturally, is that sooner or later, one comes to YOU.

I managed to get 4 or five beauties and emerged a very happy chappie. Low wave count, high quality is not always a bad thing. Equally, I also had my mandatory couple on the head and flails down the face, but hey, I've just had a birthday that hurls me even further down the well of geriatric incompetence.

On returning to the car, though, I was greeted by a sight I never thought I'd ever encounter.

Standing in front of each other, bare chested and tensed, stood Richard, Lead Violin and Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, taking shots at the exposed six pack (and I use the term loosely) of one Julian Thompson, cellist.

Julian was in no danger, that's all I'll say.

Satu, wisely, was ignoring the shenanigans and reading a book.

Later that night Sue and I went to a sublime performance of the Orchestra, which, in typical ACO fashion, mixed Elgar with Radiohead. The events of earlier that day never quite left my head.

The shot is 13th, but from a carbon copy day sometime in the middle of last year.


seamouse said...

Good on ya mick. Nice to see the blend of surfing and 'classical' music continues. Sorry for the delay but I've finally got off my arse and reveiwed musica surfica. I tried to be as honest as possible but as you know I'd much rather be making pictures than words so you'll have to forgive me if it comes across as ramblings.

Anyway it got me fully amped up on the finless trip. The wood's been ordered to make up some Alaia's and I've even been promised a slide or two on one from the British surfing museum.

Keep the good times rollin'!!

KYScoast said...

Nice looking wave. Would love to ride a left lined up like that right about now (I'm goofyfoot). What's the water temp where you are Mick? Thanks for the photo of 13th, wherever that is.