Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just got back from finally seeing some of the rushes of Musica Surfica, and had to share some screen grabs.

They give a taste, and also show that you can style finless.

Top shot is Derek in mid spin on 2/3rds of a board, Jon Frank risking his all to get the shot and still keep his head. In instances like this, pictures aren't worth a thousand words, as it is the whole, and not the parts, that make Derek's rides so special.

Middle is Sage Joske on one of Tom Wegener's alaia. Sage ripped on this board, is part cat, and a lovely guy.

And finally, Tom on the big olo. This thing as a powerhouse, and it took a brave man to ride it.

Naturally, Tom stepped up to the plate.


Patch said...

Hey Mick, been waiting for these.

Even though it's only caught moments, you can see how exaggerated body language plays a big part in riding all of these boards, which adds style to the style masters. Nice!

ras said...

Hi Mick,

how did you're own board go? did you get the spinds too?

Anonymous said...



nmm said...

great shots! I'm with patch...noticeable exaggeration of the body. makes me think yoga yoga yoga...

seamouse said...

Looks a whole lot of fun.