Tuesday, October 09, 2012

We're into a run of on shore winds. 

Moments flicker where a wave can be ridden, though my chances have been sabotaged largely as work and family take priority. 

Last week was a little different. I had Richard Tognetti of the ACO down for a holiday so we could combine work and the odd surf in some pretty tasty conditions.

Surfing being the new golf we really could claim productive time as we talked through some tickles to The Reef, and managed to catch some mighty fine waves too.

As the Sydney Concert of The Reef is going to be telecast on Australia's ABC next month, and a making of documentary shown the preceding week, I thought it time to give another, extended, taste. More challenging this time. After a delightful blast of Rameau's Les Boreades with Ryan Burch's windy artistry on an unglassed piece of polystyrene, we explore the darker inner land of The Reef with interpretations of Ligeti's Ramifications, and George Crumb's Night of the Electric Insects.

With hundreds of viewings of the closing scenes I am convinced ants speak English in antennae code. It's quite clear they are all saying "honey honey honey honey honey honey honey"

Pic to accompany the clip. Winki last Wednesday. I was getting barrelled at Bells.


glennjacob said...
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reverb said...

...hello Mick, I tell ya that if here we have a day like in that photo, that for you is like every day, we ll have one of the best days in months...