Monday, October 11, 2010

Since moleskine notebooks are so expensive I've started using a couple of different pens and using the book one way, then writing over the notes at right angles so that I extend the life.

Then I might do a doodle over the top while talking on the phone. Below is a doodle over two different sets of jottings... You can tell I'm a little starved for blog inspiration, so consider this post a placeholder until my shoulder is 100%, though typically, the weather for this coming weekend, being my first glimmer of hope for almost three weeks, is looking grim.

This is better, though Canada is a fair drive from here.


fstopr said...

Hey Mick,

Nice work . . . Keep those creative juices flowing whilst in dry-dock mate!



Patch said...

I love it Mick.

Eef said...

it looks awesome, but hey they are not THAT expensive :D


António Araújo said...

Hey Mick,

long time no see. :)

Moleskines *are* bloody expensive. I weened myself off them with a tear, but now I am happy with my Windsor&Newton cheap and high quality pads. They fit in my pocket, hold well with watercolors, and the sheets are perforated, which is nice if you want to make a present of your inpromptu portrait to that special girl you just met ;)

I like your doodles, by the way :)

Antonio (OMWO)