Thursday, September 23, 2010

A couple of weeks back I received an email from Ed Lewis of The Leucadia Project blog.. alerting me to Australian film maker Mick Waters' project, Little Black Wheels, being now available via download.

Mick, I've not met in person, but have via email as we swapped movies and bantered a bit when Musica Surfica came out. He is clearly a fine man, and is of that group of northern NSW film maker surfers that have carved a lifestyle with an emphasis on life. Mick, Nathan Oldfield, Andrew Kidman... peas in pods.

Not that this means they live in some sort of idyll freed from care. Both Mick and Nathan have experienced great family losses and I think this informs some of the heart that comes out in their work.

So... here is a link through to the Surf Network page and Little Black Wheels. Support a guy who makes a black glass rectangle something worth looking at.

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little house said...

Hey Mick,

Wow, what a nice little post. Thanks!
'Support a guy who makes a black glass rectangle something worth looking at.' Any plug like that I will kindly welcome.

Secondly, a big nod to Ed for passing this onto everyone. Without his help, even I wouldn't know about 'Little Black Wheels' being online.

Lastly, thanks for the Family mention. I know you understand. I have seen the reverance and love you have in your heart when you talk of your sons.