Tuesday, May 25, 2010

After so many years in advertising you'd think I never wanted to do another ad, but no. Consider this post an ad if you feel like it.

I was contacted a couple of days ago by a young surfwear company, Rapanui, based on the Isle of Wight in the UK.

Now my immediate thought was "how the hell do you start a surfwear company out of there?"

That they did and it is succeeding is cause for applause, and worthy of support. Why? An almost obsessive devotion to sustainability, the discipline to find ways to make a company work without exploiting third world labor forces, and what appears to be an ability to start as good guys with an idea and stay that way some years later.

God I'm a master of business analysis.

Anyway, have a look at their site, and perhaps you will be persuaded to ADD TO CART. They have some great T's and the gear list is growing. I'm in for one of the bamboo T's when I actually make another buck.

Naturally I had to rummage about for an Isle of Wight wave and found the peak below.

Not much to complain about there.
One thing I noticed in my travels to the surfing parts of the UK is that the locals are as hard core as they come, with a level of surfing rising exponentially. I've heard more than once of returning Mentawai travellers complaining of hot young Poms (that's Australian for English, said with love) stealing all the waves.

Who'd have imagined?

I suspect as they discover more of those slabs and bombies that seem to appear momentarily during those ridiculous tidal pulses enjoyed in the North Atlantic we'll begin to see the hellman count rise as well.

Good luck chaps.

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