Monday, March 26, 2007

All sorts of stuff happening at the moment, a lot of it to do with surfing, but not about me riding waves.

More about that later.

As I work freelance you go through quiet periods, and boy had I been having one. Starting to get a bit paranoid, the usual insecurity that does your head in sometimes, but when these things happen I usually look for an opportunity for a surf and let my worries wash away.

No such luck as the surf has been crappy for weeks and then, last week, just as I was REALLY READY FOR A SPLASH, I get a call and I'm into an agency for a few days. Thank God, I'm earning again, great place, but you'd think they'd at least time it between swells.

And to top it all off, this happens...

Like they say, timing is everything. Perhaps I'll get lucky tomorrow.

Shots nicked from Swellnet...
More pics here:


Patch said...


You need to get some of that!

Slim said...

I know this pain. I get to the cubicle Monday morning and get a call an hour later....."Jetty's firing! Where are you? Perfect right hand barrels!"

Alan_M said...

ooofa! perfection!