Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another aeon since I posted anything, the excuse the best I could possibly have is all energies are being directed at projects outside of blogland.

Gone are the days when I had a spare few minutes to belt something out and I've tired of putting up pictures of perfect Bells, though lately it has been far from that.

The summer illness you see. This coast and good waves in summer have a tricky relationship.
Here and there, here and there.

Lately too it has been blisteringly hot, no news if you live here but if you're reading this from northern climes we have had four straight days between 42 and 44 C or 108 and 111 in the old temperature money. Phew. Cook an egg and the bacon with it.

The good news though is during the same week our second edition of Great Ocean Quarterly started bursting out of mailboxes across the land, and should soon be arriving at our OS subscribers homes soon too. It hits the shops next week on the 23rd, bringing some salty joy to all and hopefully winning some new lovers of GOQ too.

We're very proud of this one, it is lovely, and we are now already swinging into the the next edition. 

On other fronts, I am still working towards funding The Reef (as a feature) hitting some snags but hope springs.

As well the odd foray to the beach, though nothing for three weeks and if it doesn't swing to active mode soon my manly chest could do with a visit to the bra shop, or a more practical perusal of a Victoria's Secret Catalog.

But I'm not there yet.

Anyway, have fun, happy new year, and here are some pics for you to enjoy while I'm gone. They comprise the cover of the new GOQ, some spreads as a sneak preview and a little quote from one of the stories that fell off my pen so well, sometimes writing with a pen and ink is like riding a wave... it just works... aaaand a pic of the best of the tiny waves we've been having...

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fstopr said...

Great stuff mate, you have lots of good things on the go! Summer always a challenge wave-wise. Looking forward to next issue of Great Ocean Quarterly!